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School Summary 2023

School Summary 2023 / 2024

Schools main strengths are incorporated into our school core values and the Wordle produced by the children of what is important to them.:

• To nurture and promote the health and wellbeing of all pupils and staff in a safe, supportive and stimulating environment. 

• To engage fully and responsibly as active, respectful citizens of an inclusive local, national and global community. 

• To encourage creative, critical and collaborative skills, embracing challenges and celebrating achievements of all pupils and staff. 

• To establish a learning community where all pupils and staff are confident to express ideas, take risks and reflect, whilst acquiring new knowledge and skills to challenge themselves to achieve the highest standards.


As a school we evaluate our provision through a variety of process to give our children every opportunity to be the very best they can be.

Following our evaluation the school develops a School Development Plan. (A summary can be seen below).


School Development Plan 2023 / 2024.

Here’s a summary of our priority areas for improvement in the coming year following our ongoing self-evaluation:

Priority Areas:



Milestones & Dates.

Attendance & Wellbeing.

Attendance: continue to develop strategies in partnership with Attendance & Wellbeing Service to increase attendance rates.

Wellbeing: Fully utilise the resources at our disposal to support the wellbeing for all members of the school community.

Inclusion: work with our partners to develop Additional Learning Needs provision.


To work alongside Attendance & Wellbeing Service and support parents to increase attendance rates.



Staff to fully utilise resources at their disposal to promote wellbeing.


Additional Learning Needs Coordinator to attend meetings and refine processes at school.


Improved attendance rates towards our target of 92%.



Improved wellbeing of children and staff.



Improved ALN provision.



Continual monitoring of data & referral to AWS as required. (Ongoing).



Review of resources and new implementation of new packages. (Autumn 2023).

Ongoing review of wellbeing.

Review of existing practice. (Autumn 2023).

Attendance of courses and ongoing updates to procedures.

Curricular Development:

Review the changes made to the curriculum following review based on our first 2 year cycle.

Implementation of White Rose Maths as a part of our curricular development.

Develop reading skills and the enjoyment of reading by pupils through Darllen.Co and Oxford Reading Buddy.

Review the process of reporting to parents in light of requirements.


Review current themes and practices in light of changes and review as needed.


Staff to implement White Rose Maths, DarllenCo, Oxford Reading Buddy as added resources to develop Mathematical & Numeracy development and Reading skills.


New reports produced for parents and develop our current procedures.


Improved child engagement and curriculum coverage over a two year cycle.


Greater Numeracy and Literacy skills. Children to have an enjoyment from reading.




Procedures which responds to the needs of all parties and which meets requirements.


Ongoing review in groups and whole school of our revised 2 year cycle of themes.


Introduction of new resources (Autumn 2023).

Ongoing review of how new resources are utilised.

Focus on enjoyment of reading.



Review of current procedures (Autumn 2023).

Implement changes and their successfulness over the year.



Greater opportunities for staff to evaluate their individual area of Learning and Experiences.


Staff to receive training prior to reviewing their curricular responsibilities.


Teachers to review their Areas of Learning and Experience to further develop areas based on their findings.


Training for staff on the process of monitoring their subject areas. (Autumn 2023).

Monitoring and review of subject areas (Spring 2024).

Evaluation of changes and their impact on learning. (Summer 2024).


The school will be supported in implementing these through our local Consortia (Central South Consortium) and Collective Learning partners.


Below is a summary of self-evaluation activities for last year:


  • Good progress has been made on our journey with the Curriculum for Wales and Additional Learning Needs agenda.
  • Wellbeing initiatives have been successful following the disruption of Covid for pupils and staff.
  • The school provides a happy learning experience for pupils.
  • Attendance rates have increased gradually.
  • Changes at school have been seamless from the change of category to a Welsh Medium school.

Areas for development:

Areas for development following our self-evaluation have been integrated into our School Development Plan (See the table above).:

  • Wellbeing, inclusion and attendance.
  • Curriculum for Wales provision and development.
  • Evaluation of Areas of Learning and Experiences.


Progress against our previous School Development Plan 2022 / 23.


Focus Area

Impact / Progress

Promote Wellbeing, Inclusion, Values and Attendance.

Wellbeing and inclusion at school is good. Where there are concerns we have strategies to support children and families.

Attendance has increased following the pandemic and was 91.1% last academic year.

Curriculum for Wales provision.

Curriculum for Wales provision has developed at school through a variety of strategies and trialling systems.

Refine processes for Teaching, Learning & Assessment

School has developed Taith 360 for assessment purposes and to follow the development of children on the continuum of the curriculum.

Adapt Self-Evaluation processes to improve provision for the wider school community.

Self-evaluation systems have been put in place to analyse school performance and where and how we can improve.


If you have any question or need more information please contact the school.