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ESTYN Report 07/18

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"The school is a caring community that promotes pupils’ personal development successfully. As a result, nearly all pupils are happy to attend. During their time there, a majority make good progress in nearly all areas of learning and present their work very neatly. Most pupils behave well, are ready to learn at the beginning of lessons and show perseverance and pride in their work. During recent years, the school has experienced success in raising pupils’ standards in literacy, numeracy and information and communication technology (ICT).

Teachers give appropriate consideration to pupils’ views by planning interesting themes, and ensure that a majority of the activities that are provided are consistent across the mixed-age classes and both language streams. Tasks meet most pupils’ needs and enable them to make appropriate progress. However, the school’s planning methods are not as effective as they could be to ensure curricular achievement over time or to support teachers in lessons. Staff ensure that the classrooms and public areas are neat and colourful, in which displays celebrate pupils’ work".




Very strong, sustained performance and practice


Strong features, although minor aspects may require improvement

Adequate and needs improvement

Strengths outweigh weaknesses, but important aspects require improvement

Unsatisfactory and needs urgent improvement

Important weaknesses outweigh strengths

Estyn Report July 2018

Adroddiad ESTYN Haf 2018

The findings of the inspection report will be used as the foundation of the School Development Plan for continual school improvement.