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Come and meet the staff at our school!


Headteacher: Mr A Wood - Safeguarding Officer

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs N Thomas - Safeguarding Officer

School Clerk: Mrs A May - Safeguarding Officer.

Teacher: Miss B Benney - Safeguarding Officer.


Age                                                                          Teachers             

Meithrin (Nursery)


Miss B Benney - Safeguarding Officer



Derbyn (Reception) / Blwyddyn 1


Mrs N Thomas - Deputy Head & Safeguarding Officer

Blwyddyn 1 & 2

Mr D Evans


Blwyddyn 3 

Mrs M Jones

Blwyddyn 4 

Mrs J Porter

Blwyddyn 5Miss C Jones
Blwyddyn 6Miss C Addiscott & Mrs S Collins



Support Staff: Mrs Collins, Miss Turner, Miss Taylor, Miss Butler, Miss Chappell.