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February 22nd - 26th

Wythnos 1

22ain - 26ain Chwefror

Dyma esboniad o'ch gwaith am yr wythnos yma. Unrhyw problemau cysylltwch ar Dojo.

Here's the explanations to your work for this week. Any issues contact me on Dojo.


Please also remember:

Doodle Maths/ Tables/ English/ Spell

Detectif Geiriau


Read Theory,

Top Marks



BBC Bitesize...(and many more listed on the tab names 'Links')

Task 3 - Record yourself reading your favourite page out loud, using plenty of expression!


Task 4 - Choose 2 pages from your book and create your own reading comprehension questions.

You don't need to complete all of Task's 5 and 6.

Choose 1 from each Task.