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Tebygolrwydd - Probability

This weeks Maths is Probability – Tebygolrwydd

Take a look at the BBC Bitsize link below and watch the video clip on YouTube to familiarise yourself with what Probability – Tebygolrwydd means.

Here’s some Welsh / English Translations of the wording that will be used:

Impossible - Amhosib

Likely – Tebygol or Siawns da

Equal / Even chance – Siawns cyfartal or Cyfle cyfartal

Unlikely - Annhebygol

Definitely or Certain – Sicr or yn bendant


Use these words to show the probability of each scenario / statement you come across.


Also challenge yourself and try to use a fraction of probability e.g.

The chances of rolling a 3 on a 6 sided dice would be 1/6

Geirfa Tebygolrwydd

Beth yw'r eirfa sy'n gallu cael ei ddefnyddio i ddisgrifio tebygolrwydd?