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January 25th - 29th

Wythnos 4

25ain - 29ain Ionawr

Dyma esboniad o'ch gwaith am yr wythnos yma. Unrhyw problemau cysylltwch ar Dojo.

Here's the explanations to your work for this week. Any issues contact me on Dojo.


Cofiwch eich sesiynau Ymarfer Corff 20mun gyda Joe Wicks pob dydd Llun, Mercher a Gwener am 9yb.

Remember your 20min PE sessions with Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am.


Please also remember, make the most of your learning time by using

Doodle Maths/Tables/English/Spell

Detectif Geiriau


Gloywi Iaith

Read Theory,

Top Marks



BBC Bitesize...(and many more listed on the tab names 'Links')

Task 3 - 3D Model of your favourite Welsh Landmark (explained on Home Learning Sheet)


Task 4 - First News and Activities (uploaded under First News Tab on main page)


Task 5 - Detectif Geiriau (online welsh comprehension)

Perimedr - Perimeter

Arwynebedd - Area

Siap - Shape


Perimedr yw'r pellter o gwmpas y siap / Perimeter is the distance around the outside of a shape. (cm)


Arwynebedd yw'r maint tu mewn i'r siap / Area is the size of the space inside the shape. (cm2)