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Child Sponsorship.

As a school we donate money to two children in South America (Argentina). Their are called Juan (a boy) and Sarai-Abigail (a girl). We started to sponsor them in 2011 when they were the same age as our students and we are still sponsoring them and their community even in 2016!!!. We are fortunate in Wales we have plenty of  food, clothes nice homes and a school which is fun!


We donate money to the children in Argentina by collecting donations. We have a non uniform day to collect money for the children where we can wear our own clothes!! We usually  give about a £1 each which pays for the things we have that they don't have and things to help Juan and Sarai and their community. The money collected gives them water, seeds for crops and even teachers!!! This helps our friends and their community to grow.


We are really fortunate in Wales!!!


By Ethan and Kenzie School Council 2016 Penderyn Primary School year 5+6.