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Mrs K Davies

Welcome to Mrs K Davies Class!

Autumn 2018 - Half Term 1

Our topic is 'Warrior Princess'

A special project about Gwenllian ferch Gruffydd and her impact on the history of Wales.


This half term we will be working very hard and having lots of fun in class exploring the following:

  • Who was Gwenllian?
  • Why is she remembered as the 'warrior princess'?
  • What did Gwenllian do during the Norman invasion of Wales?
  • What influences did Gwenllian and her family have on Welsh history and culture?

Summer Homework 2018

Our topic after the summer holidays is Gwenllian the Warrior Princess. We will explore who Gwenllian was, what she did during the Norman invasion of Wales and what influences she and her family had on Welsh history and culture.

By using the internet or books I would like for you to research the types of weapons used in medieval battles. Choose your favourite 3 and by using the following bullet points present information about them:

  • Name of the weapon
  • A labelled picture
  • How was the weapon used?

You may present the information however you like e.g. poster, powerpoint, fact file....

Homework to be returned Tuesday 4th September 2018


* The first week back we will be writing a book review. Please can you read your favourite book over the Summer holiday and have a photograph taken of you reading your favourite book in an unusual place and bring it to school with your book on Tuesday 4th September 2018.


P.E. will take place on a Friday.