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  • Celts are credited with the invention of soap!
  • Most Celts were farmers who lived in roundhouses.
  • In battle, Celts mainly fought with swords and spears, using long shields to protect themselves.
  • Celts did not leave written accounts. Instead, they learnt things by heart, which was deemed great virtue.
  • Celts across Europe traded goods with each other. They exchanged tin, lead, grain, wool and animal skins for fine pottery, wine, olive oil, glassware and coins. Iron Age Celts also traded slaves and hunting dogs.
  • Some Celtic warriors wore Mohawk-style haircuts to frighten their opponents, while freemen and commoners that owned land had long hair.
  • Celts were excellent warriors and women often fought alongside men.
  • Celts were great thinkers, inventors, builders and creators.